Lowell Street Piano


On Wednesday, October 3, Lowell unveiled its first Street Piano to support the city’s growing music and art scene. The piano is located on Merrimack Street in front of the Enterprise Bank fence, and will be available for the public to play Monday-Friday from 9 AM-5 PM for the next few weeks. It will be brought back in the spring of 2019. 

The piano was donated to the city by Lowell Resident Paul Belley, and has been transformed into a work of art itself by local artist Margo Thach. Andrew Duncan of Enterprise Bank and the Cultural Organization of Lowell generously agreed to be the “piano keeper” who will cover and uncover the piano for the remainder of this season. Along with being covered, the piano will also be tuned on a regular basis so it will always be ready to be played and sound great.

Beginner, novice, and expert piano players alike are encouraged to come play anything they desire in a welcoming, appreciative environment. Non-piano playing musicians are also welcome to bring their acoustic instruments, and offer to play along or collaborate with piano players. 

Musicians are encouraged to record a video of themselves playing the new public piano, and post it to their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts using the hashtag #LowellStreetPiano if they would like to be heard by a larger audience. 

Music lovers are always welcomed to stop by the piano whenever they’re in the area. Whether they’re attending a festival or just taking a lunch break, the Lowell street piano is one more way people can enjoy free live music in the city.