Branch Street Fire Station

The Torrent Engine House

Torrent Engine House

This Fire Station was built in 1877 and is the home of Engine 2 and Ladder 2.

The origin of the name "Torrent" dates back to the 1840s and comes from the amount of water the steamer could pump-Torrents of water.

The station has been renovated several times over the past 123 years and received a Preservation Award in 1997 from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is known as "The West Point" of the Lowell Fire Department. 

Engine 2

Engine 2 (E-2) is a 1996 E-ONE Sentry Standard 1250 GPM Pump.

Captain B. Dowling is the company commander.

Ladder 2

Ladder 2 (L-2) is a 1995 E-ONE 106 foot Hurricane Ladder.

Captain Robert Crabtree is the company commander.