What to do with Shredded Paper

Think before you shred!
Shredded paper, loose or bagged, should be kept out of the recycling cart. The best thing to do is SHRED LESS!

**Mill City Grows is in need of shredded paper for their compost pile, so we’re now collecting your shredded paper at the DPW on Middlesex St! By dropping off your shredded paper here, you are helping Mill City Grows create rich, nutrient-dense soil. 
To use the bin, you must schedule an appointment with our office (contact us through recycle@lowellma.gov or 978-674-4309). The bin will be available Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to start. Shredded paper will be used for the Mill City Grows Compost pile.**

Inevitably, there are still things you will have to shred. Here are some options so that your shredded paper doesn't end up in the trash:
1) Contact your Bank for local shred day events, or other bank shredding events that are open to the public. Many banks offer shred day events at least once a year. Take your sensitive documents to these events to be securely shredded and disposed of for free.
2) Use shredded paper in your garden. Shredded paper can be used in the yard or potted plants in place of soil or mulch. If you compost at home, use this paper as the  ‘browns’ in your pile.
3) Use it as protection in packaging instead of packing peanuts or lightweight packing blocks, which are not recyclable in our curbside recycling program. 
4) Use it as stuff or filling for fun and unique projects. Surprisingly, shredded paper makes a great filler for stuffed animals and can be used in numerous art projects!
5) Use it as a fire starter.
6) Use as pet bedding for rabbits, hamsters, chickens, or even under kitty litter for some extra padding.
7)  Make your own paper.
8) Bring your private documents to a location that will shred your paper for a fee, such as the UPS Store or other locations.

If you have any other ideas that you'd like to share, shoot us an email at recycle@lowellma.gov and we might just post it here!