2020 Yard Waste Collection

Collection Schedule

fall schedule (started October 5th): Yard waste is collected every week until December 11th. Check your schedule on our homepage for a complete snapshot of your collection times.
Yard waste collection will begin in March the week of the 23rd. In the meantime, if you need to dispose of yard debris contact 1-800GOTJUNK to collect yard waste from your home.


Acceptable Items

Yard Waste

Loose leaves, grass or brush in 'paper' lawn and leaf bags or labeled barrels-with handles. No plastic bags. Yard waste labels are available for free (4 per person) at the Department of Public Works (DPW - 1365 Middlesex Street), Neighborhood Services (City Hall), Senior Center or Health Department (341 Pine Street).


('paper' bags or labeled barrel) NO BOXES
  • Weigh less than 35 pounds
  • No item is longer than 3 feet
  • No item is thicker than 3 inches


(wrapped with non-metallic twine) NO TAPE
  • Weigh less than 35 lbs
  • No item is longer than 3 feet
  • No item is thicker than 3 inches

Non-acceptable Items

  • Logs / trunks
  • Non 'nature' items: boards, fence pieces, metal etc.
  • Rocks / boulders
  • Soil / dirt / sod / loam


City's contractor may reject items that don't qualify.


§ 270-7 C. Importation of waste. Whoever brings, disposes, stores, or places any waste [including yard waste] from any location not eligible for curbside collection to a household shall be punished by a fine of $200. Each piece of waste shall constitute a separate offense.

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