Urgent  3/17/17

There is a very dangerous batch of heroin circulating the streets of Greater Lowell.  Trinity EMS has responded to 6 opioid overdoses in the past 15 hours.  All 6 patients were critical.  Please check in on your family and friends that are affected by this disease, and spread the word to anyone you know who could be impacted. 

If you suspect someone is overdosing, call 9-1-1.

Overdose risk factors include:  Using alone, Surviving a past overdose, Mixing drugs and alcohol, Change in drug purity, period of non-use (post rehab).

Please visit for available resources in Greater Lowell. 

Welcome to the City of Lowell Health Department.


Our mission is to preserve, maintain and advance the City's public health standards. The Health Department strives to promote and protect the health and wellness of the people within Lowell: residents, workers and visitors.

Roles & Responsibilities

We fulfill our mission through a wide range of public health programs and outreach health education in a variety of areas. Among its various roles and responsibilities, the Health Department does the following.
  • Promotes immunization and targets the prevention of communicable and chronic diseases.
  • Responds to reportable diseases of public health concern.
  • Provides nurses to over 14,000 children in the Lowell Public Schools throughout the City, as well as private schools under the Essential School Health Grant.
  • Manages the contract for the City's ambulance provider, Trinity EMS.
  • Delivers emergency preparedness and medical response to public health challenges.
  • Promotes environmental health.
  • Promotes, implements and enforces tobacco regulations regionally (Lowell and Lawrence) to protect the public from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke, and to reduce youth access to tobacco products. We are currently implementing a public health initiative promoting voluntary adoption of smoke-free policies in multi-residential buildings.
  • Public Health Division is the recipient of a MDPH grant that has allowed opioid abuse awareness and prevention education and outreach.