Tobacco Control Division

Lowell Tobacco Control is a program member of the Merrimack Alcohol and Tobacco Control Collaborative (MATC), a state-funded collaborative which also includes the City of Lawrence.


The mission of the Tobacco Control Program in Lowell is to develop, promote, implement, and enforce policies designed to reduce youth access to tobacco products and to reduce public exposure to secondhand or environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). These policies commonly take the form of Board of Health regulations, and the program director is an agent of the Lowell Board of Health.


Some of the activities carried out by the Lowell Tobacco Control Program include:
  • Compliance Checks Where a Minor Working Undercover Attempts to Purchase Tobacco at Retail Stores
  • Responses to Complaints
  • Retail Inspections

Smoke-Free Policies

The Lowell Tobacco Program is also working to promote the voluntary adoption of smoke-free policies at multi-unit residential buildings, under a Community Transformation Grant (CTG). As a result of our outreach efforts, the Lowell Housing Authority has decided to make all of his properties smoke-free by April of 2014. The Coalition for a Better Acre (CBA) is also moving in this direction.

Quit Smoking

For help quitting smoking visit the Make Smoking History website or call 800-784-8669 (800-Quit-Now).

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