Apply for an Historic Permit


The Lowell Historic Board currently oversees 11 review districts throughout the city. Within the Downtown Lowell Historic District, the erection, demolition, or alteration of any exterior feature (and interior when work affects the exterior appearance) of a building, structure, or parcel requires the approval of the Board before work begins and any other City approvals are issued.

The Board plays a similar role in the Acre Neighborhood District. In nine other review districts, the Board has review and approval authority only in terms of proposed demolition, partial demolition, and/or new construction, approval that must be secured prior to work beginning and any other City approvals being granted.


The best way to determine if the work you're contemplating requires Historic Board review is to contact the Board's staff. The Board and its staff are always available to assist with any questions regarding design and process in the districts.

More information on specific permitting requirements, design standards, and other information related to each review district can be found on the Board's Review Districts and Permitting page.