Report Issues / Violations

  1. Bed Bugs Information

    Find several resources you may want to review to learn about bed bugs, their prevention, and getting rid of them safely if you already have them.

  2. Dumpster Issues

    Learn how to report a dumpster issue which is a concern about a dumpster's location, condition, overflow, or collection within the City of Lowell.

  3. Problems With a Sealed Weights & Measures Devices

    Weights and measures are the various devices used for weighing and measuring a product. These devices include gasoline pumps, heating oil truck meters, grocery store scanners, delicatessen scales, pharmacy scales, and jewelry scales.

  4. Report a Zoning Violation

    The Building Commissioner is responsible for the enforcement, administration, and interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance. If the Building Commissioner believes that any provision of the ordinance is being violated, an investigation will take place, and a violation notice will be sent if applicable.