Lord Overpass/Gateway to Lowell


The Lord Overpass was originally constructed in 1959 and is now City owned. The overpass is a grade separated diamond interchange between Thorndike Street, Middlesex Street and Appleton Street/Chelmsford Street.

The Lord Overpass is comprised of a rotary with four closely spaced, signalized intersections. Sidewalks are provided on both sides of the roadways forming the square, with raised traffic islands provided at two of the four intersections.

In order to maintain traffic during construction, the project designer has developed a five stage plan.  Once the contract is awarded, the contractor will provide a schedule and may make adjustments to the phased traffic management plan below. 

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5


The Lord Overpass today is functionally and structurally deficient.

As part of the improvements necessary for the Hamilton Canal Innovation District (HCID) redevelopment and Judicial Center projects, a new intersection is necessary to connect Jackson Street extension to Fletcher Street and Thorndike/Dutton Streets. This new intersection would be the 'front-door' to the HCID and Judicial Center. Thousands of people on a daily basis would use this new intersection to access the new commercial, retail, residential, and social-services available in the HCID.

View public participation process, design elements, and conceptual designs on the Lord Overpass Presentation of Concepts page.


In order to build this new intersection of Jackson Street extension and to improve the surrounding roadways and traffic signals, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts gave the City of Lowell a $15 Million transportation grant. View the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Letter (PDF) regarding the project.

The City of Lowell, through its Department of Planning and Development (DPD) undertook a design process which included extensive public participation in order to meet the project goals of improving public safety and mitigating the traffic to the HCID. 

Comments regarding traffic or construction issues can be sent to  Lord Overpass email.