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Cyclical Inspections
The Assessors Office is continuing with the Cyclical Inspection Program (also called the re-list and re-measure).  The Highland Section of the city is almost complete.
These inspections are currently in process in the Highlands and have started the in Pawtucketville section (at the Tyngboro line) of the city as well.  If you haven't already, you should see a member of our staff measuring and attempting to conduct an interior inspection over the new several  months, depending upon the weather.
This cyclical program is mandated by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.  All Massachusetts Cities and Towns must manually check the accuracy of the assessment data of all properties approximately every 9 to 10 years.  The program consists of assessing personnel measuring the outside of the property as well as conducting an interior inspection of the property.  This actually ensures that the information in the assessment system is consistent with the actual property and ultimately ensures accurate tax assessments.  The assessors office will not force a property owner to allow such an inspection, however, a refusal of inspection can and will result in a denial of any local assessment appeal.
All assessing personnel will wear an identification card.  If they do not clearly show an identification card with them, do not allow the interior inspection and call the Assessors Office at 978 674-4200.  Currently there are four members of the staff conducting these inspections; two women, Karen and May, and two men, Joel and Ryan. These inspections are conducted in-house and all inspectors are city workers and not outside contractors. 
If you feel uncomfortable in any way about having the inspection done at the time of the initiial visit, please call my office and we can make special arrangements for a convenient appointment time.