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Assessors Department Accomplishments 

During Fiscal Year 2013 

  • REAL ESTATE AND PERSONAL PROPERTY BILLING:  All four quarter bills were created, submitted to the printer and on-line billing company in a timely fashion.  
  • REVISIONS:  Successfully reconstructed all revisions, plans and subdivisions including site inspections and valuations of each property within the time constraints to issue first quarter bills for the new fiscal year. 
  • BUILDING PERMITS:  Exceeded our expectations again this year by the number of site inspections on the building permits issued by the Developmental Services Department.  This was accomplished by reassigning the inspectors in the Assessor’s Office and assigning dedicated sectors to individual inspectors as well as having the front line clerks scheduling appointments and confirming the appointments the day before the appointment was to take place. 
  • PERSONAL PROPERTY INSPECTIONS:  Continued our success rate of discovery for the personal property accounts.  The fact that we coordinate the interior site visits with sales verification visits has doubled the number of personal property inspections utilizing in-house staff. 
  • PROPERTY HISTORY STREET CARD PROJECT:  With the help of the MIS Department, the street card database was installed on the employee pc’s and we have started entering the historic information starting with FY 14 (January 1st for the deeds and permits).  This project will save time for the staff as well as the public due to the fact that the information is easily retrieved from the computer rather than having to manually pull the card(s) from the file, typing them, and refilling them. 
  • PERSONAL PROPERTY:  We have undertaken the task of converting our personal property database from the RRC system to the updated Vision system.  This migration is being done by in-house personnel, one account at a time.   It is fully expected to be completed by the end of this fiscal year in time for the first quarter bill of FY14 and the revaluation program. 
  • REVAL SAVINGS:  Due to the aggressive method designed by this office to facilitate multiple inspections, the Department of Revenue has allowed our Revaluation Consultant to conduct data quality studies on only twenty-five percent of the properties rather than one-hundred percent of the properties as normally required as a part of a revaluation.  As a result of this reduction of studies and our in-house staff entering all of the income and expense information, resulted in a savings of approximately $60,000 for the current triennial revaluation.