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Career Center Accomplishments

During Fiscal Year 2015

  • For FY15 the Career Center of Lowell was the highest in the State for Title 1 Adult and Dislocated Worker Average rates of Performance measures. Under WIOA, the Title 1 Adult grant provides training and re-employment services to low income adults while the Dislocated Worker grant provides similar services to current UI claimants. The Career Center of Lowell’s goals were in Entered Employment, Employment retention and Average Six Month Earnings.
  • Our Title 1 Adult Performance results were all #1 in the state. For our Title 1 Dislocated Worker Grant we were #3 in the State for Entered Employment, #2 in the State for Employment Retention and #1 in the State for Average Six Month Earnings.
  • We had another successful year with our Competitive Integrated Employment Services grant which provides job placement and training to participants who are work required who are receiving TANF/Cash assistance. We were number one in the state for our entered employment rate.
  • We have completed a two year Commonwealth Corporation grant serving the homeless population in Lowell. We enrolled 35 participants placing 27 of them into employment of which 22 were placed in jobs that required at least 35 hours of work per week.
  • We are invested in developing our staff’s capacity to work with our customers. This year four of our current staff became Certified Professional Resume Writers. We are on track to certify 6 more of our staff in FY16.
  • We had another successful job fair with Valleyworks (the Career Center in Lawrence) at the Lowell Spinners ballpark. We also had a very successful job fair at the Radisson Hotel in Chelmsford that for the first time we charged employers a flat rate for attending and made several thousand dollars in profit that goes back into our services to local employers.