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City Auditor Accomplishments 

During Fiscal Year 2013

  • Successfully implemented new Federal Reporting requirements for W-2’s 
  • Migrated all insured employees to new carriers 
  • Completed all signed contract conversions to January Accrual Date 
  • Calculated and paid all new labor contracts 
  • Implemented new MUNIS version 9.3 
  • Completed FY12 Audit on schedule 
  • Completed FY12 Schedule A on time
  • Part of the team that processed the 2013 recap
  • Processed all FY12 & FY13 payrolls and vendor payments timely and accurately 
  • Continue to ensure compliance with cash receipt policy to minimize risk 
  • Continue to work with the Treasury to streamline cash reconciliation 
  • Continue to reduce Management Comments 
  • Continue to assist employees and vendors for requests for information