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Sister City Overview

Lowell's Sister Cities

Through the years, Lowell has several formal City Sister relationships.  Among these are: Limerick, Ireland; Winneba, Ghana; St. Die des Vosges, France; Nairobi, Kenya; Barclayville, Liberia; Lobito, Angola; Bryansk, Russia; Berdyansk, Ukraine; and Bamenda, Cameroon.  For more information about Lowell's Sister Cities, please click here.

Sister City relationships provide a way for cities to strengthen cultural and economic ties.  They also serve as an important reminder of our role as global citizens.  Today, the ubiquity of social media makes it easier than ever to connect with fellow citizens across the world.

Sister City relationships were started during the Administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 1950s.  Recognizing the importance of involving all citizens in world diplomacy, he called upon the nation’s cities as the centers of opportunity, expression and economic growth, to unite with communities around the world in building a solid structure of world peace. At the core of all sister cities relationships is an agreement, signed by the Mayors of each city, reflecting their mutual commitment to building bridges between governments, businesses and individuals

The Mayor's vision is to have each of our City's Sister City connections maintained by a group of Lowell residents who are passionate about developing this relationship and ensuring that the ties between us and our Sister Cities remain strong.  The Lowell Sister Cities Initiative may eventually fundraise in order to bring members of our Sister City groups overseas to have face-to-face exchanges.  The Mayor also aims to eventually connect businesses in Lowell with businesses in our Sister Cities – again, this will bring mutual benefit.

There is no single, exact vision of what a particular Sister City relationship *should* look like – rather than project a “top-down” model of how to make them work, the Mayor is instead aiming to create a “bottom-up” system in which the citizens involved on each side of the relationship can collaborate to find the best mutually beneficial ways to tie the cities together in a way that improves overall cultural and geographical understanding and awareness.  The best way to move forward is to start with a mutual “Sister City” agreement and then allow the interested residents in both of our cities explore ways to share ideas and concepts that will maintain and strengthen the relationship.

The Mayor is currently working to strengthen Lowell's existing Sister City relationships, in addition to exploring ways in which Lowell can develop new Sister City relationships.  If you are interested in working with an existing Sister City, or developing a new one, please call the Mayor's Office at (978) 674-1551.