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Mayor Patrick O. Murphy
Patrick Ó. Murphy resides in the Lower Highlands neighborhood with his wife Allegra and their son. He is among the fifth generation of Murphys to call Lowell home.
The youngest son of longtime Lowell teachers Joan and Dan Murphy, Patrick was born eight minutes behind his twin brother Daniel and four years after his sister Gráinne.   Like his brother and sister, Patrick graduated from Phillips Academy in Andover on a four-year scholarship, and continued his education at Tufts University.  He works throughout the Merrimack Valley as an independent brick- and stonemason with his cousin.
Elected to the Council in 2009, Patrick has proposed a number of motions aimed at strengthening our local ecology, economy and community, which have led to several successes including the LowellStat Initiative and the city’s Green Community designation. At 29-years-old, he became the youngest Mayor in the city's history in January 2012.
Mayor Murphy serves as Chair of the Lowell School Commitee and also chairs the City Council's Environment Subcommittee. 
He can be reached through the city's eGov system or directly at