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Welcome to the Immigration Assistance Board!


The Immigration Assistance Board advises the City Manager on issues pertaining to the well-being of Lowell's diverse immigrant and refugee population.  The Immigration Assistance Commission was established, in 2010, by a majority vote of the Lowell City Council. It has the following mission statement; The Lowell Immigration Commission recognizes the value and strength of diversity in our city. In an effort to expand those attributes, our mission is to strengthen our entire community by working together. We will promote a welcoming and supportive environment for newcomers, an engaged and inclusive role for immigrant families in the civic life of our neighborhoods and schools, and an enhanced understanding of how diversity benefits all residents through the cultural, economic and social vibrancy of the city.  Member details are available here at the City's new online Agenda and Meetings tool.


Commission meetings are held ad-hoc, as deemed necessary by the Commission Chairperson. Notice of meetings is posted at least two days in advance of the meeting on the bulletin board outside of City Hall in the JFK Plaza, and on the City of Lowell's online Event Calendar.