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City of Lowell > City Manager > New City Website Preview
New City Website Preview

Preview the City of Lowell's New Website!

Dear Website Visitor,

Welcome to the City of Lowell's new website, which we plan to officially launch on 9/8/13.

While the City's website has gone through many updates since its 1998 introduction, this website overhaul may be the most significant.  Within it you will find new content, better navigation, more photos, videos, links, language translation, mapping and data tools, and an entirely new look and feel focused on City Services.

Since we created this new site for you, we wanted to give you an opportunity to preview it, take a look around, and offer us some feedback to help guide the next round of updates we have planned for it. 

As you look through the site, you will notice that some material has been relocated.  We also took the opportunity to remove duplicate or out of date material.  If you can't locate something, please try the new search utility.  If you were accustomed to the navigation on the existing site, you'll see a significant change, but please don't update your bookmarks until after the 9/8/13 go-live, as many of the URLs will change on that date.  Incidentally, if you experience any issues viewing the site, you might need to update your browser, as this new website is best viewed in current/modern browsers including Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8+.

As with any new website, there may be a few glitches that need adjustment over the next few weeks, so please bear with us while we work through some "cosmetic issues" which we are in the process of fixing.  Also, while some pages may appear sparse, rest assured that we are all working on adding and updating content during the coming weeks and months, and have exciting plans for the continued growth of this site.

We envision becoming a destination site for government services, just as has become the "Live Here, Work Here, Play Here, Learn Here" destination site for residents and visitors alike. 

Thank you for visiting the preview of the City's new website, we look forward to your feedback, and I hope you'll return again soon!

Bernard F. Lynch
City Manager