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Special Event Permits

Special Event Permit - Rules and Regulations

Special Event Permits are issued to individuals and organizations planning to conduct an event within the City of Lowell.

ALL SPECIAL EVENTS except those sponsored or co-sponsored by the City of Lowell will be subject to the following guidelines and fee schedule:

  1. Applications for Special Events Permits are available online and in the City Manager's Office as well as the Special Events Office and when completed are returned to the Special Events Coordinator for review and processing.  You can also download and review the Special Events Permit Guidelines Summary and the Permit Guide for Special Events and Festivals.
    Cultural Affairs & Special Events
    DPD building, 2nd Floor
    JFK Plaza
    50 Arcand Drive
    Lowell, MA 01852
  2. A fee of ($25.00) will be required at the time of issuance of such permit.
  3. All applications will be reviewed and either granted or denied within seven (7) days.
  4. All requests for public use on City of Lowell property must be submitted at the minimum thirty (30) days prior to the date of intended use.
  5. Applications requiring the closing of a public way must obtain a "STREET CLOSING PERMIT" from the Department of Public Works, Lowell Police Department and the City Engineering Department all signing off on such permit. The Special Events Coordinator will determine if such permit is required and if an application must be submitted to the Special Events Coordinator.
  6. All road race permits will require the use of Lowell Police Officers or the Auxiliary Police with Police Department permission for traffic control. The applicant will assume costs for this service.
  7. Applicants planning to dispense any form of alcoholic beverages at a Special Event must obtain a Special Events Permit prior to appearing before the Lowell License Commission to obtain a liquor license for said event.
  8. Applicants seeking to utilize a park or playground within the City of Lowell must apply to the Parks and Recreation Department. The Board of Parks will act on the application and will notify the applicant of their requirements prior to the issuance of the permit. Upon receipt of the Board of Parks Permit, the applicant is at that time to contact the Special Events Coordinator to determine the services required and any related costs associated with said event.
  9. Any outstanding balances associated with an event must be paid within fourteen (14) days of said event. Any outstanding balances that have not been paid to the City of Lowell will result in forfeiture of not being able to obtain a Special Event Permit from the City of Lowell in the future.
  10. Sanitation facilities (port-a-johns) for the most part are required at most events and the Special Events Coordinator will determine the number required. It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to provide those units at their expense.
  11. Events scheduled to be held at J.F.K. Plaza are to be conducted no earlier than 7:00 AM and no later than 9:00 PM.
  12. Hours of operation at other locations will be determined by the Special Events Coordinator.

Rate and Fee Schedules

​General ​
​Service/Item Rate​
​Custodian ​$ 34.62 /hr
​Electrician ​$ 55.35 /hr
​Fire Department Personnel (4 hour minimum) ​$ 69.92 /hr
​Parks and Recreation Personnel (rate may vary) ​$ 32.35 /hr
​Police Officer Detail - Supervisor (4 hour min; no alcohol being served) ​$ 53.00 /hr​
​Police Officer Detail - Supervisor (4 hour min; alcohol being served) $ 58.00 /hr​
​Additional Supervisors (4 hour min; no alcohol being served) $ 55.00 /hr​
​Additional Supervisors (4 hour min; alcohol being served) $ 60.00 /hr​
​Police Officer Detail - Patrolman (4 hour min; no alcohol being served) $ 45.00 /hr​
​Police Officer Detail - Patrolman (4 hour min; alcohol being served) $ 50.00 /hr​​
​Street Closing Permits
​Service/Item Rate
​Street Opening/Closing Permit (submit to Special Events office) ​$ 75.00​
​Obtained at: Special Events Office
​Alcoholic Beverage Licenses*
​Service/Item ​Rate
Full Liquor $ 125.00 /day​
​Beer/Wine ​$ 75.00 /day
​Obtained at: License Commission
​* Note: Must attend a License Commission meeting to obtain license
Amplified Outdoor Entertainment ​        No fee