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LowellSTAT Accomplishments

During Fiscal Year 2013

  • Continued to solidify Lowell as a leader in the field of performance management throughout the Commonwealth by acting as the lead community in creating a set of state-wide performance metrics and best practices in municipal management. After receiving a $373,000 grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Lowell lead a group of 20 municipalities in establishing their own performance management programs by providing administrative and logistical oversight.
  • Over the course of the project period, the goals of the project evolved to include the following: 
    • Provide direct assistance to participating municipalities to help them start or expand performance management efforts and their use of data, goals, and measures in operations, management, and policy-making via direct, on-the-ground assistance;
    • Make the performance management work in participating municipalities sustainable by demonstrating the impact of the work as quickly as possible, particularly in those municipalities using the Program to launch performance management efforts for the first time;
    • Introduce new municipalities to the concepts of performance management and data usage by making New England StatNet open to all Massachusetts municipalities and encouraging municipalities to attend that have not done so previously;
    • Increase the sharing of innovations, best practices, solutions to common issues, etc. across municipalities;
    • Expand the use of data, goals, and measures statewide via a website and a toolkit; and
    • Develop common indicators that can be used by Massachusetts municipalities.
  • Participated in the City of Lowell’s Problem Properties Task Force in order to create intradepartmental cooperation in addressing blighted properties throughout the city and come up with innovative solutions.
  • Began publishing versions of LowellStat reports on the City website. These reports are intended to provide relevant data to residents and other interested parties regarding city operations. 
  • Expanded the purview of the LowellStat program to include 3 additional departments, furthering our capacity for performance management.
  • Continued the mission of the LowellStat by holding regular meetings and discussing innovative measures for achieving operational efficiency through cost savings.