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Welcome to LowellSTAT!

LowellSTAT is a performance management initiative implemented in 2010 to improve the transparency, efficiency and accountability of Lowell’s city government. Two data analysts study financial, personnel, and operational data to better understand operational trends and to assist in the strategic planning process. In regular “LowellSTAT” meetings, which include a panel of senior city officials, the City Manager and the LowellSTAT analysts gather to identify opportunities for improvement and then track the implementation of those plans.

This “CitiStat” model originated in New York City’s Police Department in order to analyze crime data and was later adapted to be used for other city operations by then-Mayor of Baltimore, Martin O’Malley in 1999. It has since been promulgated as a best practice in government and has been implemented in cities and towns across the Country. In Massachusetts, Lowell has been at the forefront of this performance management initiative.

LowellSTAT meetings have become an ongoing conversation among city managers on where the city should be headed. Each meeting allows city officials to better understand how the City can streamline and improve its services to its constituents. City agencies are required to participate in a highly particularized presentation format designed to maximize accountability. Departments must be prepared to answer any question raised by the Manager and members of the administration. 

As of 6/30/13, LowellSTAT has achieved a net savings of

Learn more about LowellSTAT by visiting our pages located in the left hand column of this page. Please be sure to view our Public Reports by clicking HERE. These reports contain detailed analyses of City operations in an easy-to-understand format.