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City of Lowell > City Manager > Neighborhood Services > Citizen Request System
Citizen Request System

City of Lowell Citizen Request System

If you are a mobile user, please go to the mobile site, which allows you to submit photos from your phone!

The City of Lowell currently leverages the E-GovLink application to manage Citizen Requests.  This Citizen's Request system allows visitors to submit feedback/suggestions, request information, place service requests, or report possible code violations to the City of Lowell at your convenience.  A ticket number is assigned to each new Request, which allows you to check back at any time to view the current status of your Request.  Submitting an email address with your Request will result in a confirmation email, and allow us to more easily contact you as necessary.

While it is not necessary to register in order to submit a Citizen Request, we encourage you to do so in order to login and easily track any Citizen Request(s) you submit; doing so also allows you to easily register for mailing lists, newsletters, and updates.

expand RequestType : 1 - Communicate a General Comment, Compliment, or Concern (3)
expand RequestType : 2 - Request General Information (6)
expand RequestType : 3 - Request a Service, Repair, or Improvement (14)
expand RequestType : 4 - Report a Possible Code Violation or Nuisance (14)