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Information Request

DPD Request to Receive Information

As funds for various programs become available, they will be announced in the DPD News/Notices area which may instruct applicants to register here.

  • Click the "Add new item" link below to register to receive information (e.g., guidelines, RFPs, etc.) related to our various programs!
  • Registering allows us to route your information appropriately, and makes it easier for us to contact you with updates, amendments, etc.
  • To help organizations know who is applying for what, and help them coordinate submissions together, the list below displays the submission date, company name, and request type for the most recent 25 submissions. Note: please allow one business day to received the RFP, after initial request. Contact Ravee Dave, , if you need assistance.




5/27/2016 10:33 AMCircle Home, Inc. (formerly VNA of Greater Lowell)RFP for CDBG Funding
3/14/2016 11:41 AMThe Megan House Foundation, Inc.RFP for CDBG Funding
3/14/2016 11:39 AMThe Megan House Foundation, Inc.RFP for ESG Funding
2/26/2016 4:51 PMMerrimack Repertory TheatreRFP for CDBG Funding
1/8/2016 9:23 AMMiddlesex electronicRFP for CDBG Funding
12/30/2015 3:54 PMHabitat for Humanity of Greater LowellRFP for CDBG Funding
12/30/2015 3:36 PMLowell West End GymRFP for CDBG Funding
12/30/2015 3:34 PMLowell Senior CenterRFP for CDBG Funding
12/30/2015 3:13 PMCommunity Teamwork IncRFP for CDBG Funding
12/30/2015 3:11 PMMill City GrowsRFP for CDBG Funding
12/29/2015 3:38 PMJericho Road Project of Greater LowellRFP for CDBG Funding
12/23/2015 1:22 AMAsian Task Force Against Domestic ViolenceRFP for CDBG Funding
12/16/2015 9:51 AMUTECRFP for CDBG Funding
12/15/2015 5:58 PMHouse of HopeExecutive DirectorRFP for ESG Funding
12/15/2015 5:56 PMHouse of HopeRFP for CDBG Funding
12/15/2015 4:42 PMLowell House, IncRFP for ESG Funding
12/15/2015 4:36 PMLowell House, IncRFP for CDBG Funding
12/8/2015 5:49 PMThe Megan House Foundation, Inc.RFP for CDBG Funding
12/8/2015 3:07 PMEntrepreneurship For AllRFP for CDBG Funding
12/7/2015 11:14 AMMassachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers (MAPS)RFP for CDBG Funding
12/4/2015 8:37 AMLowell Association for the BlindRFP for CDBG Funding
12/3/2015 5:11 PMLowell Parks & Conservation Trust, Inc.RFP for CDBG Funding
12/3/2015 3:34 PMCoalition for a Better AcreRFP for CDBG Funding
12/11/2014 10:56 AMParks Dept. City of LowellRFP for CDBG Funding
12/11/2014 9:57 AMLowell House, IncRFP for CDBG Funding
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