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Traffic and Transportation Department Accomplishments

During Fiscal Year 2013

Downtown Two-Way Traffic Conversion
  • The city is working with consultants to change the traffic flow on Merrimack Street, Market Street, Shattuck Street and Central Street to two-way traffic. The change is planned to go into effect in the summer of 2014 when traffic is at its lightest, before the start of school.
 Four Locations Signal Improvements
  • The City is working with a consultant to design and construct signal improvements at four intersections in the city. The locations are: University Avenue at Riverside Street, Pawtucket Street at School Street, Westford Street at School Street, and Lawrence Street at Church Street. Signal improvements and pedestrian accommodations will be provided at all four locations, including video vehicle detection, pedestrian pushbuttons, crosswalks, curb cut ramps and lane markings. Construction is planned for 2014.
 Broadway at Wilder Street Intersection Improvements
  • The city has worked with UML to oversee the reconstruction and new signal installation at the intersection of Broadway and Wilder Street. The improvements included larger corner radii and pedestrian signals to improve safety, and new signal equipment to improve traffic flow.
 Signal Coordination Improvements
  • In 2012 the city installed new signal equipment at the intersection of Dutton Street and Market Street, including equipment to coordinate the signal with the signals on Dutton Street at Broadway and at Fletcher Street. These improvements have helped to reduce delays during the peak hours for traffic heading into and out of the downtown.
Bicycle Infrastructure
  • The city has installed nearly 8 miles of bicycle lanes and over 800 sharrow markings, along with signs indicating the use of roadways by bicycles. The city will also be installing nearly 40 bike racks at key locations to encourage the use of bicycling throughout the city.
Pedestrian Infrastructure
  • The city has overseen the construction of crosswalks and wheelchair ramps on Boylston Street near the Pyne School, on Broadway between the Senior Center and Market Basket, on Broadway at the UML South Campus, and on Salem and Fletcher Streets in the area of the UML University Crossing project. in addition, the city has worked with disabled groups to modify pedestrian signal timings to ensure compliance with current standards. New pedestrian signal heads were installed at the intersection of Chelmsford Street and Liberty Street.
 University Avenue Bridge
  • The $32M University Avenue Bridge replacement project is nearing completion by MassDOT. In addition to the new bridge connecting Merrimack Street with University Avenue, the intersections of Pawtucket/Salem and Pawtucket/Fletcher have been improved. Pawtucket/Salem has received geometric improvements while Pawtucket/Fletcher has undergone signal improvements including installation of new equipment, sidewalks, ADA ramps, crosswalks and lane lines. DPD coordinated all land acquisitions needed for the new bridge. Construction is anticipated to be completed in the fall of 2014.
 Bridge Street/VFW Improvements
  • MassDOT is currently designing improvements to this state owned signalized intersection that will include improved geometry, new signal operations, improved pedestrian access and landscaping improvements. Anticipated construction of the $3M project will begin in 2014. The city continues to work with the state on short-term modifications to improve traffic flow until the long-term project commences.
 Rourke Bridge and Wood Street/Westford Street Corridor Study
  • DPD works continually with the Northern Middlesex Council of Governments (NMCOG) who is managing the study of the Wood Street/Westford Street/Drum Hill Road corridor from the Drum Hill Rotary to Pawtucket Boulevard. The final report was issued this winter. This is the first step in developing both short-term and long-term solutions to the traffic congestion along this corridor and the replacement of the ‘temporary’ Rourke Bridge.