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Welcome to the Lowell Sustainability Council!

The mission of the Lowell Sustainability Council (LSC) is to promote citywide sustainability. The LSC engages community stakeholders through education, communication, and collaboration to propose sustainable policies and encourage innovative solutions.

In 2007, the City of Lowell created the Green Building Commission to promote and advocate for “green” design, construction, and development practices through identification and implementation of policies and programs that increased environmental sustainability.  

In the years since its creation the GBC successfully worked to bring enhanced green practices into the city but the current mission reached far beyond simple bricks and mortar projects. Taking a more holistic approach to sustainability and our community, the Green Building Commission expanded its focus and changed its name to the Lowell Sustainability Council in the Spring of 2016. This new name and mission best describes the current work of the council.

Commission meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30pm in the Arthur Hammar Conference Room located in the Department of Planning and Development offices at 50 Arcand Drive.
Notice of meetings is posted at least two days in advance of the meeting on the bulletin board outside of City Hall in JFK Plaza, and on the City of Lowell's online Event Calendar.