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Development Services Department Accomplishments

During Fiscal Year 2013

  • Continued the successful reform of the City’s code enforcement, permitting, and project review functions begun with the reorganization of these functions in FY11.
  • Drafted and implemented a comprehensive new rental housing ordinance and inspection program to promote quality rental housing and minimize neighborhood blight.  More inspections have been conducted and scheduled under the new Rental Unit Ordinance and Permit in the first month than were typically during an entire year under the old vacancy ordinance.
  • Initiated a new program for monitoring and tracking complaints and violations for both Building and Sanitary Code inspectors, which should be fully operational by the start of the next Fiscal Year.
  • Continued the successful contract program for sealing weights and measures which has resulted in substantially greater compliance and effectiveness while dramatically reducing the net cost of delivering this function for the City taxpayers.
  • Maintained successful compliance efforts resulting in near full compliance with vacant and foreclosing property registration requirements.
  • Continued initiatives to address certificates of inspection, fire escapes, under sidewalk vaults, legal use determination, and other code compliance measures designed to protect public safety.
  • Improved the integration of land use board review processes and increased public access to information regarding applications before the land use boards.
  • Reformed the City’s residential parking placard ordinance and helped support the Parking Department in implementing the new program.