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Permitting Information

Building Permits

The Division of Development Services processes all applications for Building, Plumbing, Gas, Mechanical and Electrical permits. The Local Building Inspectors, the Chief Plumbing, Gas, and Sheet Metal Inspector, and the Wire Inspectors are located within our office, and perform all inspections required for each permit issued.

For additional details about the various permits available, click here.

Development Services generates a monthly application activity report of all applications received for building, plumbing, gas, sheet metal, electrical, and other projects.

For the most recent report as well as reports for the last several months, click here.

Health Permits

Development Services also processes permit applications for various Health permits, including Food Service permits, Dumpster permits, Night Soil permits, and Rental Unit permits.

For additional details about the various health permits available, click here.

Regulatory Authorities, Codes & Ordinances, and Forms

Lowell regulates development through a number of established codes and ordinances. These include zoning, subdivision control, site plan review, wetlands protection, flood plain development, and historic preservation design review. Below is a table with links to information about Lowell's four regulating authorities including meeting schedules. You can also find links to regulations, as well as various applications.

For a brief introduction to the land development process in Lowell, please consult our Development Guide.

The Division of Development Services is now making project information available on-line for building projects that require Historic BoardPlanning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, or Conservation Commission approval.  Project files are also available at the Development Services office located on the second floor of City Hall, in Room 51.

To access the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Maps, click here.

Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)​ ​
Regulations ​Forms Miscellaneous
Zoning Code Main Application Fees
​HCD Form Based Code Special Permit Main Supplement Meeting Schedule
Zoning Map Sign Permit Supplement
Variance Supplement
Planning Board​
Regulations ​Forms Miscellaneous
Planning Board Bylaws Main Application Fees
HCD Subdivision Rules Approval Not Required (ANR) Supplement Meeting Schedule
​Site Plan Regulations ​Conversion of Existing Buildings Application
​Design Guidelines for Traditional Neighborhoods Definitive Subdivision Supplement
​Subdivision Regulations ​Lot Release Application
Planned Residential Development Application
Preliminary Subdivision Supplement
Agenda Request
Site Plan Review Supplement
Repetitive Permit Supplement
Special Permit Main Supplement
​Use Special Permit Application under Article 12
​Special Permit Telecom Supplement


Conservation Commission
Regulations ​Forms Miscellaneous
MA Wetlands Regulations Main Application Fees
MA Wetlands Protection Act Notice of Intent Meeting Schedule
Lowell Wetlands Ordinance Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation
​Lowell Rules and Regulations Extension Permit Order of Conditions
Request for Certificate of Compliance
Abbreviated Notice of Intent
Notice of Intent for Ecological Restoration
Request for Determination of Applicability