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City of Lowell > Planning and Development > Development Services > Historic Board > Livingston-Harvard Neighborhood District
Livingston-Harvard Neighborhood District
Livingston-Harvard Neighborhood District

71 Harvard St.JPG
New Construction, 71 Harvard Street

The Livingston-Harvard Neighborhood District (LHND) is a design review district created on June 14, 2011 under procedures established pursuant to the Lowell Historic Board's state statute (Lowell Historic District Act, Chapter 566, Acts of 1983).  The district was created in response to residents' concerns about proper protection of neighborhood historic character and insensitive development.  The district’s boundaries were developed, in lieu of an existing National Register of Historic Places district, by reviewing neighborhood architectural character, cohesiveness, and integrity as well as historic development patterns from the 1880s and existing Massachusetts Historical Commission survey forms.

Within the LHND, the proposed demolition, partial demolition (such as removal of architectural details and other features such as porches), and new construction requires the approval of the Board before work begins and any other City approvals are issued.  Assisting the Board is a five member neighborhood committee comprised of three Board members, a district property owner, and district resident.  The best way to determine if the work you're contemplating requires Historic Board review is to contact the Board's staff.  The Board and its staff are always available to assist with any questions regarding design and process in the district.
Click below to find out more about permitting requirements, design standards, and other information related to the Livingston-Harvard Neighborhood District.

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