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Review Districts and Permitting

Review Districts and Permitting


The Lowell Historic Board (LHB) was created by special act of the Massachusetts Legislature (Lowell Historic District Act, Chapter 566, Acts of 1983) to promote the educational, cultural, economic, and general welfare of the public through the preservation, protection, and enhancement of Lowell’s unique historic resources. Strengthening and expanding historic preservation review and regulations in Lowell was a requirement of the federal law creating Lowell National Historical Park (P.L. 95-290) in order to ensure community actions would not be inconsistent with the preservation goals of the Park.

Eleven review districts currently exist. Within the Downtown Lowell Historic District, the erection, demolition, or alteration of any exterior feature (and interior when work affects the exterior appearance) of a building, structure, or parcel requires the approval of the Board before work begins and any other City approvals are issued. The LHB plays a similar role in the Acre Neighborhood District, a design review district established pursuant to the Board’s special act that was created in 1999 as part of the Acre Urban Revitalization and Development Plan.

Eight other review districts were created in 2005 in several neighborhood areas using previously existing National Register of Historic Places boundaries. In 2011, the Livingston-Harvard Neighborhood District was created. In these nine districts, the LHB has review and approval authority only in terms of proposed demolition, partial demolition, and/or new construction, approval that must be secured prior to work beginning and any other City approvals being granted.

Wonder if you're in one of the Lowell Historic Board's Review Districts?  Simply look the address up in this alphabetical street listing to determine if your property is located within one of the review districts.  But remember, the best way to determine if the work you're contemplating requires Historic Board review is to contact the Board's staff.  The Board and its staff are always available to assist with any questions regarding design and process in the districts. 

Click any of the districts listed below to find out more about permitting requirements, design standards, and other information related to each.


Downtown Lowell Historic District​ South Common Neighborhood District​
Acre Neighborhood District​ Tyler Park Neighborhood District
Andover Street Neighborhood District​ Wannalancit Street Neighborhood District​
Belvidere Hill Neighborhood District​ Washington Square Neighborhood District​
Livingston-Harvard Neighborhood District​ Wilder Street Neighborhood District​
Rogers Fort Hill Park Neighborhood District​ Enforcement Process​