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Public Works Department Accomplishments

During Fiscal Year 2013

Finance and Administration

  • Issued 750 permits
  • Issued 984 recycling bins
  • Made 350 trash account adjustments/abatements
  • Entered approximately 475 work orders for Lands & Buildings Division


Lands and Buildings

  • Completed installation of the sewer ejection system at the JFK Civic Center
  • Completed Clemente Park  concession stand
  • Completed Phase I of the Cemetery gravestone placements
  • Prepped and painted the Lowell High School swimming area
  • Replaced roof on DPW Office
  • Upgraded the North Common amphitheater
  • Completed repairs to the bridge at Broadway and Suffolk
  • Completed plumbing and roofing repairs at Lelacheur Park
  • Completed construction of the Lowell High School MIS computer room
  • Installed new furnace and air conditioning unit for the Police Station Sign Shop
  • Remodeled Roger’s School TV studio
  • Removed over 200 privately owned fire alarm master pull boxes
  • Completed installation of Musco Sports Lighting and wired new concession stand at Clemente Park
  • Completed 120 electrical work orders for the schools
  • Wired new TV studio for the school department located at the Rogers school
  • Oversaw and researched the removal and replacement of the generator at the Stoklosa School
  • Installed service and electrical power at Armory Park
  • Assisted DPD and oversaw the electrical portion of the installation of the Electric Vehicle Charging Station
  • Installed emergency lights and exit lights in 7 of the city’s oldest schools to bring them up to Massachusetts state building code
  • Oversaw the installation of 4 new or remodeled traffic intersections
  • Upgraded Holiday decoration (wreaths and tree lights) to energy efficient LED bulbs


  • Upgraded repair facility with new safety features, new lifts and other equipment
  • Incorporated 13 new vehicles into the fleet
  • Implemented a computer diagnostic system to save time and money and increase efficiency of mechanics
  • Implemented new vehicle maintenance records system in preparation for the city’s work order system
  • Implemented a new computer tracking system to control, monitor and track data regarding material usage during winter operations
  • Sent employees to safety and cross training so they can be more productive and efficient
  • Completed a large project to remove the cobblestones from the Central Street area with minimal traffic disruption, saving the city in excess of $100,000.00 by not contracting this work out
  • Supported DPD in their efforts to curtail illegal dumping by setting up cameras and picking up trash and cleaning vacant lots
  • Resolved over 3900 EGOV work order requests
  • Removed 194 trees
  • Pruned 313 trees
  • Improved curbside recycling rate to 12.5% and city-wide diversion rate to 21.8%
  • Transferred responsibility for emptying 150 city owned trash barrels to solid waste contractor at no additional contract cost
  • Expanded cardboard collection at municipal & school buildings, with most now have dedicated dumpsters
  • Resolved over 780 EGov Work Orders related to curbside ‘misses’ or damaged city trash carts