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Cemeteries Accomplishments

During Fiscal Year 2013

  • Maintained six (6) municipal cemeteries containing approximately one hundred and twenty four (124) acres of green space
  • Performed two hundred and twenty five (225) burials
  • Generated $267,000.00 in revenue
  • Installed twenty three (23) new water faucets in Edson Cemetery
  • Removed thirty nine (39) trees in Edson Cemetery and four (4) trees in Westlawn I Cemetery
  • Established multiple gardens at each entrance and throughout three (3) cemeteries
  • Repaired approximately one hundred fifty (150) monuments in Edson Cemetery
  • Revised and updated Cemetery policies, procedures and practices
  • Developed partnerships with R.O.T.C, Historical Society, Greater Lowell Veteran’s Council, Global War Veteran’s Group, Billerica House of Correction and other non-profit organizations
  • Restriped all parking spaces in Edson and Westlawn I Cemetery
  • Replaced approximately thirty eight (38) street/avenue signs in Edson and Westlawn I cemeteries
  • Composted approximately five hundred (500) tons of leaves
  • Completed supply depot in the Westlawn I Cemetery
  • Sold approximately 50 Lots
  • Completed approximately 200 genealogy requests
  • Installed approximately 50 government markers
  • Laid out approximately fifty (50) foundations for monuments and markers in Edson, Westlawn I and Westlawn II cemeteries
  • Processed two hundred twenty five (225) sets of burial paperwork (including interment information form, order form, burial paperwork for Board of Health, Interment and Lot Owner cards, 2 burial books, etc.)
  • Identified eleven (11) streets in Westlawn II and installed fifty (50) street signs in May 2013
  • Removed approximately one hundred (100) overgrown shrubs from Edson and Westlawn I cemeteries