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Flood Management

Flood Management 

FEMA Flood Insurance Information - from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)​ ​
DRAFT of FEMA's updated floodplain
June 4, 2010 FEMA updated the local floodplain. This map was created during the draft process. This is a good planning tool, but do not make detailed decisions based on what is here without confirming on the FEMA website.
​​FEMA Flood Panel 25017C0117E
FEMA Flood Panel 25017C0137E
​​​FEMA Flood Panel 25017C0138E
​​​FEMA Flood Panel 25017C0251E
​​​FEMA Flood Panel 25017C0256E
​​​FEMA Flood Panel 25017CIND1A
​​​​FEMA Flood Panel 25017CIND2A
FEMA Hazard Mitigation​ ​- Information on Hazard Mitigation Grants and Flood Mitigation Assistance
​​FEMA Mitigation Grants website
​FEMA Local Multi-Hazard Mitigation Planning Guide
A FEMA document
​​​​So, you live behind a levee?
An informational brochure compiled by several organizations including FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers
​​​​​How a flood control dam works
Document written by Oklahoma Conservation Commission
​​​Roles of Dams for Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Control
Document written by the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage
​ ​Map of Clay Pit Brook Neighborhood
Map showing the difference in flood elevation of 2006 and 2007
Hidden Infrastructure​ ​
The Boston Society of Civil Engineers (BSCE) newsletter has a feature called Hidden Infrastructure. See page 6 for the article
​Hidden Infrastructure (the answer)
If you couldn't get the answer from the previous edition of the newsletter, the answer is on page 6 of this edition
Merrimack River Basin Map​ ​
​Map from the Corps of Engineers web site showing the area included in the Merrimack River basin. Rain that lands anywhere in this area will end up in the Merrimack


For more information please contact the Engineering Dept at 978-674-4070