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City of Lowell > Public Works > Recreation > Commissioner's Challenge Baseball Tournament Rules
Commissioner's Challenge Baseball Tournament Rules

City of Lowell Commissioner's Challenge Baseball Tournament Rules

REVISED January 22, 2013


  1. Umpires will call the games according to Cal Ripken League Rules.
  2. Meetings to discuss the rules will only be held if a team requests a meeting.  If a rule is an issue, or a team brings up a rule that needs to be addressed during the tournament then the following year a meeting will be held in January.  Other wise a meeting will be held in June only to address/approve a game schedule.  Once the schedule is approved all games will be played as scheduled unless there is a weather cancellation.
  3. Callery Park can only host night games on Fridays with a rain day on Saturday.
  4. Curve balls are not allowed.  If an umpire believes that a pitcher intentionally threw a curve ball, then the umpire will issue a warning.  If a pitcher continues to throw curve balls after the warning, then the pitch will be immediately called a ball.
  5. All teams are asked to bring a set of bases.
  6. Any time contact will be made, or a play is being made on the base runner and contact is made, the base runner is required to slide.  Charging is prohibited.  
  7. Judgment calls cannot be argued or protested.
  8. Time runs on the Coordinator/Scorer’s watch. 
  9. No fake tags are allowed.
  10. The winning team calls the Lowell Sun with the game results.  Teams should have Offensive and defensive players represented in the paper.  Contact Dennis Whitton at
  11. The host team is responsible for making sure that their field is in playing condition.  A field not in good playing condition will have all games removed from that field.
  12. Parks and Recreation will provide books, balls, and official scorers when possible.
  13. If you want to have a conference with the pitcher, the coach has to go all the way out to the mound.  The coach is not allowed to call the pitcher over to the sideline for a conference if he does it will count as a trip to the mound.  Only two trips to the mound are allowed per inning.  On the third trip the pitcher has to be removed.
  14. Pitching
    1. 9 & 10-Year Olds are only allowed to pitch six innings per week.
    2. 11 & 12-Year Olds are allowed no more than nine innings in one week.
    3. Pitchers are allowed one full days rest after pitching 3 innings or less. 
    4. One pitch over 3 innings gets THREE FULL DAYS REST, and the pitcher can pitch on the fourth day.
    5. A pitcher week will be Sunday through Saturday. 
    6. An 11 & 12-year-old player involved in two tournaments must not exceed nine pitched innings per week combined between the two tournaments. 
    7. Likewise a 9 & 10 year old cannot exceed 6 innings per week combined. 
    8. Any Team caught breaking the pitching rule will be forfeited for that game and the innings pitched will stand against the pitchers until that pitching week ends.
    9. Please note that days of rest carry over week to week. (If pitches more than three innings on Friday, cannot pitch Sunday, etc.)
  15. No Tobacco products are allowed to be used in the field area, or on the benches.
  16. Re-entry of a player into the game is only allowed by starters.  If they re-enter they must enter in to the same position in the batting order.
  17. The pitcher of record is the first pitcher to throw a warm-up pitch.
  18. Unsportsmanlike conduct – If a player throws a bat, helmet, swears, leaves the dugout, does not participate in the handshake, or is ejected.  A warning will be put in the book next to the player’s name.  If another offense occurs they will be suspended for the rest of the game plus one more game.  They must sit on the bench in uniform for a FULL GAME at the next game that they attend.
  19. Uniforms – Team hat, socks, pants, shirts, and an official glove are required.  Shirts must be tucked in during the game and no jewelry of any type is allowed to be worn.
  20. Unsportsmanlike conduct for coaches – Throws bat, helmet, swears, not shakes hands, or insults an umpire to the point of ejection.  They will be asked to leave the game and not be able to have contact of any kind with their team for the rest of that game. Also they are not allowed to have contact with their team during warm-ups of the next game or during the next game that their team plays in.
  21. Trips to the mound.  A coach may only make two trips to the mound per inning.  On the third trip to the mound the coach has to remove the pitcher.  If the coach wants a meeting with the pitcher then they must go to the mound.  Pitchers who go to the sideline will be charged with a trip to the mound.
  22. Bats must be of little league length 32 or under and have a barrel diameter of 2.25” or less.  
  23. EH Rule – A player can only play EH for one game during the tournament. The EH may only leave the game if injured.  If the player gets hurt then you lose that spot in the batting order.  No appointing of a new EH.  Teams will decide before the game if they are to use a EH or not. If there is no objection, a team may play with an EH even if the opposing team does not. In this case, both coaches must inform the scorer of this decision and sign to it in the scoring book before play begins.
  24. ALL Players and coaches shake hands at the end of the game.  Umpires sign the book, and coaches evaluate the umpire in the game book.  The best rated Umpires will be asked to do the finals
  25. One umpire will be used for the preliminary games and two umpires will be used for the finals.  Umpires payment will be split between the two teams playing the games.  
  26. Games will start at 5:30 and 7:30, or 15 minutes after the other game finishes if a game is being played before it.  A 15-minute grace period will be allowed before a team receives a forfeit for not showing.  A team can wave the 15-minute grace period if they choose too.  However, the result of the game will be as played no matter the result.
  27. A game will consist of six innings.
  28. In case of rain the games will be cancelled by 4pm.  The Parks and Recreation Department will call the two teams, and the host field.  If rain starts during the game it is up to the ump to stop play.  If less than one inning is played then the game is a no game.  If over one inning is played then the game will start right from where it left off the next night at the same field.
  29. A full game is one that lasts at least 3 ½ innings.
  30. For an early game, no new inning will begin after 8 p.m., and for a later game no new inning will begin after 10:30p.m. or 2 1/2 hours from the start of the game.
  31. Mercy Rule – A team losing by 10 runs after 3 ½ innings will automatically be given a loss and play will be stopped. The home team will be given the last at-bat.
  32. Birth certificates or Babe Ruth Cards must be on sight for all players.  In event of a protest the birth certificate or Babe Ruth Cards will be checked on the spot.  If a birth certificate is not on sight, a game may be played under protest if there is a challenge to a player’s eligibility. Failure to produce the challenged player’s birth certificate within 48 hours will result in a forfeit.  An illegal player played during the game will result in a forfeit for that team.
  33. The city agrees to pay for the scorers out of pocket.
  34. Team rosters may have a minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 15 players.  Anyone playing for the team must be on that roster that is to be turned in before the first game.  Rosters should include Name, Age and Numbers. Any team not turning in a roster before the first game will be awarded a forfeit for every game until the roster is turned in. All players on team roster must be from that team’s regular season roster. There will be no call-ups, replacements, etc. allowed regardless of circumstances.
  35. Beginning in 2006, to be eligible to play, a child must be of legal playing age on April 30.  If they are too old before this day they cannot play.
  36. If lights go out during the game, or fail to go on then the game will be treated with the same rules as a rain out.
  37. Teams must have eight (8) players to begin a game.  A team playing with eight (8) players will take an out each time the ninth batting position comes up.  A player who shows up late can be put in at the ninth batting position.
  38. Home Team will occupy the dugout on the first base line under all circumstances.
  39. Home team will be determined by the tournament administration. Each team will be granted a home game at their own field. Every team will have two home games and two away games.
  40. If you wish to lodge a protest it must be done before the next pitch to the umpire, and then to the scorer to mark in the book.  A protest must be written up within 24 Hours and turned into the Parks and Recreation Office.  No judgment calls can be protested.
  41. For a full 6-inning game, playing time consists of six (6) consecutive outs and at least one at bat.
  42. You only have to play the same amount of players that the team with the least amount of players has.  If one team has 9 players and one team has 14 players.  The team with 14 only has to play 9.
  43. Time between innings will be one minute or six pitches.
  44. No Slashing- Squaring to bunt then pulling back and swinging away.
  45. Sliding – Players are required to slide if contact will be made. Head first slides are only allowed “back to the bag”. Head first slides at home plate will be considered an automatic out. This includes instances where home plate has been overrun.
  46. Tiebreaker- Used to decide between two teams that are tied in the standings.  First tiebreaker will be used.  If the teams are still tied then the second tiebreaker will be used.
    1. Head To Head Record
    2. Fewest runs allowed in the tournament
    3. Most Runs Scored in the Tournament.
  47. Beginning in the summer of 2005 the Finals will be held at the field of one of the two teams in the Finals.  Home field advantage will be given to the team who is ranked higher going into the final game.  
  48. If a player’s name appears on the roster for multiple leagues, that player will play for the team that he/she first plays a tournament game on.  If a player’s name is submitted to the scorer and is in attendance for the game, but does not get in the game due to weather, mercy rule, other approved reason, they will still be considered having played that game, and therefore be on that team’s roster.
  49. The schedule for the City of Lowell Commissioner’s Challenge Baseball Tournament will be sent out the second week of June. The dates are final and not subject to changes. 
  50. All games forfeited due to a lack of players will result in either a 6-0 loss or a 6-0 win for the participating teams.