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Welcome to the Water Utility!

The LRWU is continuing its focus on improving water service to the consumer population it serves.  Recently completed projects and new projects currently underway will further improve the quality, pressure and reliability of the water we deliver to consumers. We are also continuing to improve the overall efficiency of the water treatment plant and pumping operations. These projects include improvements to the distribution system, pumping stations and water treatment plant, including the installation of a 610Kw photovoltaic system, upgrades to the water meters and meter reading system. The Cross Connection Control Program is also being improved. These projects will insure that the high water quality produced at the treatment plant is reliably delivered to consumers for many years to come.

The City of Lowell continues to provide residents with the highest water quality at one of the lowest rates ($2.076/HCF) in the Commonwealth, of 273 communities and water systems, Lowell ranks 12th for the lowest rates in the state.


Water Meter Replacement Program

The LRWU is in the process of replacing the existing water meter reading system with an automated reading system.  The City has awarded the project to USI Services, Inc., (USI).  USI will install a new water meter and a remote reading device at every existing water meter location within the City.  The new meter configuration will allow meters to be read without accessing customers' homes or entering private property.

USI will contact residents and businesses on behalf of the LRWU to schedule appointments for meter replacements.  Customers will receive initial notification by mail of the replacement with instructions for setting appointments. 

This meter change out is mandatory and customer cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

For additional LRWU information, please check our Department Services and Document Library pages!