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Fire Department Accomplishments

During Fiscal Year 2013
  • There remains fewer than ten (10) Gamewell fire alarm boxes still connected to the telegraph system.  It is anticipated that the telegraph system will soon be fully decommissioned and all fire boxes in the City will be the newer radio type. 
  • Company closings are now reported by fiscal year instead of by calendar year.  For FY12, the Fire Department realized a 7.6 % reduction in the number of company closings (933 as compared to 1,010 in FY11). 
  • The Fire Prevention Bureau continues to monitor compliance with the State’s Crowd Manager Regulations [527 CMR 10.17(d) and10.13 (d) (e)] in nightclubs and bars, as well as to check for overcrowding. This enforcement effort resulted in a compliance rate of over 95% during the last two inspections (February and March 2013).
  • Fifteen members of the Fire Department completed the 240-hour course and were certified as Massachusetts Hazardous Material Technicians by the Massachusetts Fire Training Council.