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City of Lowell > Fire > Hazmat

Hazardous Materials Training & Emergency Response Division

Located at 93 Mammoth Road in the Fire Prevention Office:
  • Lt. John Couillard, Hazardous Materials Coordinator (978)459-5556

Mission Statement

The mission of the Hazardous Materials Division of the Lowell Fire Department is to enhance the health and safety of the community, its emergency responders, and stakeholders.  This is accomplished by utilizing a systematic, proactive approach to hazard mitigation which recognizes the importance of training, risk assessment, and pre-planning.


In order to prevent the duplication of effort, improve information sharing, and enhance its risk assessment and pre-planning capabilities, the Chief of the Department relocated the Hazardous Materials Division of the Lowell Fire Department to the Office of Fire Prevention in March 2011.

All 201 uniformed members of the Lowell Fire Department have been trained to the Hazardous Materials Operational Level and more than 75% of those are certified Massachusetts Hazardous Material Technicians.  This means they have successfully completed the 160-hour program that complies with the standards set forth in NFPA 472 and 29 CFR 1910.120.   All Hazardous Materials Technicians receive refresher training annually.  The Fire Department maintains an in-house HazMat team comprised of approximately 40 members who are available on a rotating schedule to respond to hazmat incidents within the City.

The LFD Hazardous Material Division is headed by Lt. John Couillard, who develops and presents training to the department, oversees the LFD Hazmat Team, and works closely with many companies in the city regarding the storage and processing of hazardous materials.

*All training development and delivery is in compliance with ANSI/ASSE Z490.1: Criteria for accepted practices in safety, health and environmental training.