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Learn About the City's Fire Stations!

The City of Lowell's Fire Department personnel take great pride in their Fire Stations and the apparatus housed there. 

Learn more about the City's Fire Stations by clicking on the station name below, or click on the location link to automatically locate it in Google Maps. 

Station ​Apparatus ​Location
​Gorham St Station C3, Engine 1​ 795 Gorham St
​Branch St Station ​Engine 2, Ladder 2 ​45 Branch St
​JFK Civic Center Station ​C2, Engine 3, Ladder 3, Rescue 1 ​99 Moody St
​High St Station ​Engine 4 ​198 High St
​W 6 St Station ​Engine 6, Ladder 4 ​284 W 6 St
​Stevens St (Pine St) Station ​Engine 7 ​273 Stevens St
​Old Ferry Road Station ​Engine 10 57 Old Ferry Road
​Lawrence St Station ​Engine 11, Ladder 1 ​741-743 Lawrence St