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What's in the News?

What's in the News?

Visit this page often to learn about current public health related news issues.  Note that opioid abuse and overdose as well as other substance abuse has become a major topic with multiple media sources reporting on these issues.

3/27/20145 Signs Your Teen May Be Abusing Medicine
3/25/2014States Consider Synthetic Drug Bans, Opioid Education for Doctors and Marijuana Laws
Update from on proposed legislation in states across the country.
3/6/2014Mom's Heartbreaking Story of a Teen's Addiction
Published in the Lowell Sun, March 1, 2014
2/11/2014Use of Heroin and Prescription Painkillers Have Become Integrated, Experts Say
7/19/2013Commentary: Getting Past the Stigma and Treating Addiction as a Chronic Disease
7/16/2013Adults over 50 years of age often ignore prescription drug warning label
7/15/2013Young Children’s Personality Traits Linked to Teen Alcohol Use
7/8/2013Prescription Painkiller Deaths Increasing More Quickly Among Women
Lowell data collected supports this!
6/26/2013Designer drug update
A public health problem in our communities.
6/20/2013Almost 70 Percent of Americans Take at Least One Prescription Medication
6/17/2013Do your teens have access to prescription medications? Look at one survey conducted
6/17/2013Urban Outfitters to STOP selling items that promote prescription drug abuse!
6/11/2013Preventing Substance Use Disorders in People with Mental Disorders.
6/7/2013Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM5) includes "addictive disorders" !
6/6/2013Teen victims of Cyberbullying more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol study.
6/1/2013Seniors not ammune to prescription abuse! Take a moment to update yourself of seniors risks
5/1/2013Stop Urban Outfitters from selling items that promote prescription drug abuse
4/25/201323% of Teens Surveyed Admit to Driving Under Influence of Alcohol or Drugs!
4/23/2013One-fourth of teens have misused or abused drugs.
4/22/2013Teen misuse/abuse of prescription drugs up 33% since 2008
4/4/2013Parent's deployment may add to substance abuse for teens.
10/18/2012DEA focuses on drug distributors to fight prescription medication abuse!
9/20/2012Bath Salts the new drug of CONCERN!. This is no ordinary drug...learn the facts!
7/17/2012Representative Mary Bono Mack speaks of the national tradegy of prescription drug abuse. " Rest assured, if 20,000 people died each year from food poisoning, Americans would demand immediate action".
7/12/2012Bill aims to reduce teen abuse of cough syrup.
7/11/2012Beware! New opioid Opana has become available.
7/10/2012When a loved one has an addiction!
6/23/2012Be aware of bath salts on line.
6/19/2012Painkiller use breeds new face of heroin addiction.
Three different stories of families struggling with addiction.  The name of the city may change but the face remains the same!
5/29/2012Designer synthetic drugs banned.
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