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City of Lowell > Health > Public Health Division > Protect Your Child From Window Falls!
Protect Your Child From Window Falls!
Protect Your Child From Window Falls!
child window guard
It's that time of the year when we open our windows to let fresh air in.  Open windows may pose a danger for small children and lead to falls!
Window safety devices such as child safety window guards and window wedges can reduce a child's risk of injury or death related to window falls. 
Please keep in mind that "standard" window screens are only designed to keep bugs from getting into your home, are not designed to be strong enough to prevent a child from falling!
Child safety window guards have an emergency release button that allows escape in case of an emergency. Window guards can be purchased on-line at Wedge Cresci
Window wedges are a window stopper that allows air in, while preventing children from falling out. Window wedges can be purchased on-line at   
Take a moment to watch this short video Kids Can't Fly* and download a copy of the Kids Can't Fly brochure. 
Please feel free to contact the Health Department directly at 978-674-4308, so that we may answer any comments, questions, or concerns you may have.
*Kids Can't Fly theme used with permission from the Boston Public Health Commission.