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City of Lowell > Health > School Health Division > School Nurses at Schools
School Nurses at Schools

Directory of School Nurses by School Name

Please use the following table to identify the telephone number to use in order to reach the nurse assigned to each school.

Name of School Telephone Number
Bailey School
Bartlett Community Partnership School 978-937-8968
Butler School 978-970-5495
Daley School 978-970-3339
Greenhalge School 978-275-6302
Laura Lee Alternative School 978-937-7655
Leblanc Therapeutic Day School 978-970-5497
Lincoln School 978-937-2846
Lowell High School 978-937-8958
Lowell High School Freshman Academy 978-446-7356
Molloy Lowell High School Alternative 978-970-3318
McHugh Alternative Cardinal O’Connell 978-446-7000
McHugh (B.R.I.D.G.E) 
McAuliffe School 978-937-2836
McAvinnue School 978-454-1595
Moody School 978-970-5416
Morey School 978-459-2648
Murkland School 978-937-2826
Pawtucket Memorial 978-937-7667
Pyne Arts School 978-441-3714
Reilly School 978-937-7652 ext 103
Robinson School 978-937-8974
Rogers School 978-674-2161
Shaughnessy School 978-446-7180
Stoklosa School 978-275-6340
Sullivan School 978-937-8993  Ext. 6
St. Jeanne d’Arc School 978-453-4114
St. Margaret’s School 978-453-8491
Wang Middle School 978-446-7497
Washington School 978-446-7467


Comments, questions, or concerns?  Please contact the School Nursing Department directly at 978-674-4305.