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Tobacco Control Accomplishments

During Fiscal Year 2013
  • The Community Transformation Grant (CTG) designed to promote the voluntary adoption of smoke-free policies at multi-unit residential buildings has started to pay off. The Lowell Housing Authority has decided to make all of his properties smoke-free by April/2014. The Coalition for a Better Acre (CBA) is also moving in the same direction, and it’s currently surveying its residents. 
  • Assisted the Lawrence Board of Health in passing new regulations on 11/14/12 to ban the sale of tobacco products at retail stores through tobacco vending machines. The new regulations also banned the operation of “smoking bars” or Hookah Lounges in the city. 
  • Completed all enforcement and policy development tasks in accordance with the goals and objectives contained in state-approved work plan; and
  • Reduced rate of illegal tobacco sales to minors in:
    • Lowell from 1.4% (FY12) to 0% (YTD).
    • Lawrence from 7.7% (FY12) to 2.6% (YTD).