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Employment Opportunities at the City of Lowell

In order to ensure that the City of Lowell is able to deliver the various organizational, operational, service and support commitments it makes, the City employs a diverse workforce and strives for an environment where employees can work productively, develop skills, and feel satisfied with their work.

While meeting these workforce requirements is primarily coordinated through the Human Relations department, there are numerous opportunities available for employment at the City of Lowell, as shown below:

  • School Job Postings provides information about job opportunities currently available throughout the City of Lowell's Public School Department.  All official School job postings will be found here. 
  • Seasonal Recreation Job Postings provides information about job opportunities currently available on a seasonal basis through the Recreation office.  All Recreation job postings, often geared towards the City's youth in support of summer and seasonal programs, will be found here. 
  • UMass Lowell Student Employment provides information for students participating in the UMass Lowell Student Employment Program and Federal Work Study Program.  Working in partnership with UMass Lowell, the City often provides students with placement opportunities which are listed in the UMass Lowell JobHawk System.  The UMass Lowell Career Services & Cooperative Education Center connects UMass Lowell students and alumni with employment postings, intern listings, and co-op opportunities. 
  • Intern and Volunteer opportunities vary, and are usually coordinated by individual departments within the City. 
  • Election & Census Poll Worker opportunities vary according to city, state, and federal election schedules.  When opportunities are available, they are announced via the Election & Census department

For additional employment opportunities, please make sure to visit the following sites:

  • The City of Lowell's Career Center, which works closely with the local business community to identify and meet their employment needs, and to provide job seekers a wide range of job search and training services for the greater Lowell area.