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Welcome to the Workers Compensation Office!

The Workers' Compensation office oversees work-related injury claims.
This office is committed to ensuring that all injured employees receive prompt medically appropriate treatment and if applicable, wage replacement according to the appropriate laws governing such matters.  If you have been injured during the course of your employment with the City of Lowell, the following links should be helpful to commence the injured on-duty process.   Please note that the information contained within is non-inclusive.
Please feel free to contact us as follows: 
​Worker's Compensation/Claims Manager ​Karen A. Gagnon 978-674-4058​
​Nurse Case Manager ​Patricia Svrcek ​978-674-1517
​Medical Billing/Invoices ​Karen Morissette ​978-674-1507

Policies, procedures, and documents related to filing work-related injury claims are available here

Learn more about the Workers Compensation Office by visiting our pages locate din the left hand column of this page.