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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and MapsGIS Logo

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) include computer-based systems which capture, store, retrieve, analyze and display locationally defined (spatial) data. GIS applies modern computer graphics and database technology to the efficient, cost effective management and planning of the city's assets, linking maps and databases to form a relationship between data, locations, and information.

The City of Lowell's GIS maintains a large amount of data in "layers" which can be overlayed onto City maps. These layers include building footprint locations, address information, the street centerline network, railroads, waterway and wetlands areas, paved roadways, schools, neighborhood boundaries, election wards and districts, zoning boundaries, police and fire stations, and a digital parcel base map that displays the information taken from the hard copy Tax Assessor maps. The maps are rendered through ESRI's ArcGIS and ArcIMS tool suite of tools, and presented using Applied Geographics' General Purpose Viewer (GPV).

Note that use of the City's GIS data, layers, and maps, requires acceptance of the City's Disclaimers and Terms of Use.




If you haven't used our new GIS system to Access Property Information yet, you may want to visit the Help Pages to familiarize yourself with the system.


Map Library

The City Map Library contains maps and related publications, most of which have been created using Lowell's Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  Working with Google and ESRI ArcGIS Online, we have also created several online maps designed to highlight several key maps online (below).  Additional Map Publications in PDF format can be found within the categories below.



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