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Parking and Garages Department Accomplishments

During Fiscal Year 2013

  • Successfully transitioned Garage Management Contract and Security Contract to new vendors. Republic Parking Service and US Security Associates are current provider each with three (3) year contracts.
  • Successfully negotiated Multi-Space Kiosk expansion bid and contract that projects under budget and offers the opportunity for additional $525,000 per year in revenues.
  • Improved audit controls over kiosk collections.
  • Worked with UMass Lowell Graduate Students to identify and prioritize capital needs in aging garage structures.
  • Created a Business Manager position for the intent on streamlining the point of contact with customer service and application process plus adding a layer of audit control over garage management and kiosk collection operations.
  • Rolled out, with the help of DPD and Lowell Police, the new Reserved Dwelling Parking Permit program. MIS Department was critical in developing the tracking aspect of this program in MUNIS.