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Reserved Dwelling Parking Program

Reserved Dwelling Parking Program

The City of Lowell Parking Department announces the launch of the Reserved Dwelling Parking Sign Exchange program. Residents with Reserved Dwelling Parking signs, used to reserve a parking space on the public street, are encouraged to exchange their old sign for the new sign.  The Exchange Program will run from Monday, October 15th to Thursday, December 13th and take place at the Joseph A. Downes Garage, 75 John Street, Lowell, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Parking will be validated at the Downes Garage for the purpose of the exchange.  

Residents who exchange their signs during the Exchange Program will have the $10 fee waived for the first year.  The old Reserved Dwelling Parking signs will be void effective December 14, 2012.   Spaces reserved by old signs will not be enforced for voided signs.
The Reserved Dwelling Parking Space program exists under Lowell Code of Ordinances Section 226-85 through 226-87.  In accordance with the City’s Ordinance each residential building that fronts a public street may have one parking space reserved on the public street adjacent to the building, for use by the occupants.  The reserved parking space is identified by a sign, issued by the City of Lowell. 
On June 12th the Lowell City Council adopted changes to the Reserved Dwelling Parking Space Ordinance with the goals of improving how the program functions and is enforced.  Changes included clarify the size and location of the reserved parking space, and requiring annual renewal of the reservation.
Prior to the ordinance revision, reserved parking spaces on public streets were provided for $10 each, and never expired.  The annual renewal requirement was added to address spaces reserved long after the property had changed occupants and/or no longer needed the space.  The new renewal fee is $10 per year.  This fee is waived for residents 70 years or older who qualify for the senior real estate tax exemption.  This fee will also be waived for existing sign holders who exchange their old sign during the Sign Exchange Program.
Residents seeking to reserve a new parking space may apply at the Parking Department during the Sign Exchange Program, or generally during normal Parking Department business hours.  New reservations are subject to the $10 first year fee.