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Community Policing

As more and more communities across the nation turn to Community Policing, our own successful Community Policing program has continued to evolve with a focus on several key initiatives:

  1. Domestic Violence
  2. Citizen Police Academy
  3. Auxiliary Police
  4. Volunteer Program
  5. Director of Community Relations

The Lowell Police Department continues to build on some of our most powerful strengths: a highly educated and capable work force, a respect for research and evaluation, and a willingness to change. We will learn from our setbacks, and be constantly open to innovation as we adapt to a changing city, society, and world. We do not have a self-image of the "thin blue line", protecting the helpless public from the ravages of predatory criminals. Rather, we live, work, recreate, raise our children, and enjoy our city as citizens first, even though we are citizens who have a special professional responsibility for protecting others and ensuring the livability of our city. We are wholeheartedly committed to policing Lowell in concert with our fellow citizens.