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Director of Community Relations

The Director of Community Relations serves the unique role of acting as an initial link between the community and the police in order to build cooperation, strengthen relationships and enhance the quality of life in our city. As neighbors voice concerns about the provision of service, and customer relations, the Director of Community Relations attempts to problem solve, provide insight and explanation, and where appropriate, suggest remedies. The Director of Community Relations reaches out to local groups to promote citizen utilization of the police precincts and enlist their support of, participation in, and cooperation with the police department. The Director of Community Relations also attends regular neighborhood meetings, special issue meetings, and other local events.

The Director of Community Relations is also often the point of entry for outside agencies- private, not for profit and governmental agencies - as they gain access and develop relationships with police personnel.

The Director of Community Relations also participates in grant writing teams, the department's review of policies and procedures, special writing assignments, assembling diverse groups of constituents for many purposes, and representing the department at meetings throughout the city.

To reach the Director of Community Relations:

Phone: (978) 674-1906

Fax: (978) 446-7202