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​Regional Community Policing Institute for New England (RCPI-NE)

"Education for community policing integrating ethics, integrity and moral decision making into all subject areas" is the mission of the Regional Community Policing Institute for New England (RCPI – NE). RCPI – NE is one of twenty-eight Regional Community Policing Institutes funded by the Department of Justice, COPS Office. The mandate of these trainings is to provide education in the philosophy of Community Policing and its implementation for the municipal, law enforcement and community members.

Police agencies are guided in our efforts by a set of values. We are committed to integrity and the highest ethical standards in everything we do, with the Constitution serving not as a limit on our work but as the core of our standards. With these ideals, the RCPI will pursue the following goal: to model a new strategy of professional education that includes all stakeholders and emphasizes new areas of knowledge, skills, and techniques required to successfully practice, manage and serve as partners in the delivery of community policing using the highest standards of ethics and integrity. The RCPI offers courses free of charge to members of policing agencies through New England.

Lowell Police Partnership with RCPI - NE

"Lowell has a long tradition of citizen involvement, which is nurtured by the Lowell Police Department's community policing initiatives. When the opportunity to join RCPI-NE arose, it became another way for the Lowell Police to continue its community-policing mission. Our partnership with RCPI-NE allows for give-and-take on the issues that will shape police-community relations for years to come. We have much to bring to the table and much to learn from the other RCPI partners as we forge ahead together." - Edward F. Davis III, Superintendent, Lowell Police Department

The Lowell Police Department has helped to develop curriculum to be used in the Mid-Management Profession Development Series. The Department also has worked with its institutional partners to provide quality training for mid- and senior-level managers within police departments through an institute that allows police managers to receive training that is not readily available within the Northeast Region. The Lowell Police Department has a satellite RCPI-NE Office at the Lowell Police Training Institute to help promote the awareness of RCPI-NE. In 1999, 11 officers and 3 civilians employed within the Lowell Police Department took advantage of RCPI courses. These courses included: Mid-Management Development, Moral Decision Making and Community Policing 2000.

RCPI – NE Partners 2000 - 2001

The Regional Community Policing Institute (RCPI) for New England is a collaboration of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Community Oriented Policing Office (COPS), Boston Police Department and the Lowell Police Department, with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety (EOPS) and the Criminal Justice Training Council (MCJTC), the Massachusetts Association of Chiefs of Police and Municipal Police Institute, Inc., Northeastern University –Center for Criminal Justice Police Research, the Boston Management Consortium (BMC), the New England Community-Police Partnership (NECP2) and the Boston Coalition Against Drugs and Violence

RCPI – NE Product List

  • Ethics and Integrity Supplement and Discussion Guide: for each topic in the student officer curricula: (RCPI-NE, MCJTC Project)
  • Problem Solving and Team building in Moral Decision-Making Context, SARA/DOC: Three –day institute for police/community teams.
  • Managing Community Policing for Effectiveness and Integrity, 12-week project oriented program, including an intensive 5-day skill-building seminar.
  • Key Elements of Community Policing, modular based basic COP introduction.
  • RCPI-NE Newsletters.
  • RCPI – NE Basic Information Packet
  • Professional Development Needs in N.E.: CEO/Chiefs Seminar & Focus Groups, Findings and Report
  • Characteristics and Training Needs for Supervision of COP, Four Focus Groups, Findings and Report
  • The Regional Roundtable on Police Ethics and Integrity: Phase 1 Summary Report, October 1998
  • Policing in Massachusetts, The Beat Goes On: The Basic Curriculum: (COPPS student officer course) Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council
  • Foundations, Training Director's and Student Manual
  • Individual Course Curriculum (e.g. Patrol Procedures, Criminal Law)
  • CD Rom all manuals and curricula.

Contact Us:


 Boston Police Academy
 85 Williams Ave
 Hyde Park, MA 02136
 (617) 343-4660


RCPI-NE Lowell Police Department
 50 Arcand Drive
 Lowell, MA 01852
 (978) 937-3259