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City of Lowell > Police > RousesMemorial

Christos G. Rouses Memorial


... In The Line Of Duty.

This monument, dedicated in 1980, is named for Officer Christos G. Rouses, who was killed in the line of duty by an armed robber while responding to a silent alarm at a local pharmacy.

The memorial, located at JFK Plaza, directly in front of Lowell Police Department Headquarters, depicts an officer with his hand on the shoulder of a young child and features the names of Officer Rouses and other fallen Lowell officers.

The memorial is placed in the center of a fountain.

We offer our profound gratitude and respect to those officers who paid life's highest price to fulfill the motto "To Serve and Protect".



Leavitt.jpg Pearsall.jpg
​Patrick F Leavitt
Police Officer
Lowell P.D.
December 18, 1941


George F A Pearsall​
Police Officer
Lowell P.D.
April 24, 1957
Winn.jpg Rouses.jpg
​John Joseph Winn
Police Officer
Lowell P.D.
May 3, 1971
​Christos G Rouses
Police Officer
Lowell P.D.
November 17, 1978