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Traffic Section

The Traffic Section provides many varied services to the line operations of the LPD and the community in general.  The Traffic Section coordinates and provides staff supervision in the investigations of serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents as well as follow-ups to hit and run cases.

The selective enforcement program targets accident-causing violations at high accident locations.  These areas are identified through the compilation of information from reported accidents in databases and supplemented with traffic monitoring devices.  Additionally, officers are assigned based on community input to alleviate traffic congestion and restrict traffic through residential neighborhoods where appropriate.

The Traffic Section supervises the enforcement of parking regulations, and the fleet and paint shops.  This section provides management of the tow contract, the inspection and licensing of taxi/livery vehicles, the purchase and repair of department vehicles and the installation and maintenance of traffic control signs and lines throughout Lowell.

In 2000:

  • Police-initiated (STEP and patrol force) traffic citations totaled 9,470.
  • The East Sector completed 2462 citations
  • The North Sector completed 3960 citations
  • The West Sector completed 3001 citations
  • Another 47 citations were not assigned to a sector.
  • There were 6 fatal motor vehicle accidents in 2000.
  • Officers completed 4282 accident reports.